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Electromyography Data Transmission via Galvanic Coupling Intra-body Communication Link
  • Anna Vizziello ,
  • Pietro Savazzi ,
  • Giovanni Magenes
Anna Vizziello
University of Pavia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Pietro Savazzi
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Giovanni Magenes
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Energy efficient galvanic coupling (GC) technology is used in this work to send electromyography (EMG) data through intra-body communication links.
Real EMG data are first acquired and recorded with needle electrodes inserted in the muscle of a person’s forearm. Then, the data are transferred via GC communication employing a GC sound card-based testbed. The experiments are conducted by transferring EMG data in both ex-vivo and in-vivo tissue with different electrodes placements. Almost error free performance is achieved with a robust and reliable communication, a valuable result in medical applications.