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Block Based Enhancement using Deep Learning for Conversion of Low Resolution AVS Video to High Resolution HEVC Video
  • Rizwan Qureshi ,
  • Mehmood Nawaz
Rizwan Qureshi
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mehmood Nawaz
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Conversion of one video bitstream to another video bitstream is a challenging task in the heterogeneous transcoder due to different video formats. In this paper, a region of interest (ROI) based super resolution technique is used to convert the lowresolution AVS (audio video standard) video to high definition HEVC (high efficiency video coding) video. Firstly, we classify a low-resolution video frame into small blocks by using visual characteristics, transform coefficients, and motion vector (MV) of a video. These blocks are further classified as blocks of most interest (BOMI), blocks of less interest (BOLI) and blocks of noninterest (BONI). The BONI blocks are considered as background blocks due to less interest in video and remains unchanged during SR process. Secondly, we apply deep learning based super resolution method on low resolution BOMI, and BOLI blocks to enhance the visual quality. The BOMI and BOLI blocks have high attention due to ROI that include some motion and contrast of the objects. The proposed method saves 20% to 30% computational time and obtained appreciable results as compared with full frame based super resolution method. We have tested our method on different official video sequences with resolution of 1K, 2K, and 4K. Our proposed method has an efficient visual performance in contrast to the full frame-based super resolution method.