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Generic modeling, identification and optimal feedforward torque control of induction machines using steady-state machine maps
  • Julian Kullick ,
  • Christoph Hackl
Julian Kullick
Munich University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Munich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Christoph Hackl
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A not yet available look-up table (LUT) based optimal feedforward torque control (OFTC) method for squirrel- cage induction machines (SCIMs) is presented. It is based on: (i) a generic transformer-like machine model in an arbitrarily rotating (d,q)-reference frame, considering nonlinear flux linkages and iron losses in the stator laminations; (ii) machine identification by evaluating steady-state measurements over a grid of (d,q) stator currents, producing frequency-dependent machine maps for e.g. flux linkages, torque, iron resistance and efficiency; and (iii) numerical optimization and extraction of OFTC look- up tables for optimal stator current references depending on reference torque and electrical frequency. In order to increase reproducibility, a feedback temperature controller is employed to keep the stator winding temperature constant. Moreover, throughout the identification, the electrical frequency is kept con- stant (per data set) by adapting the machine speed accordingly using a speed-controlled prime mover; this way the impact of iron losses becomes more balanced than for constant speed operation. The presented measurement results confirm that compared to constant flux operation or scalar V/Hz control, efficiency can be increased particularly in part-load operation by up to 7 %.