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Design and characterization of a portable ultrasonic indoor 3D positioning system
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  • Paolo Carbone ,
  • Alessio De Angelis ,
  • Antonio Moschitta ,
  • Massimo Calderini ,
  • Stefano Neri ,
  • Renato Borgna ,
  • Manuelo Peppucci
Paolo Carbone
University of Perugia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Alessio De Angelis
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Antonio Moschitta
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Massimo Calderini
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Stefano Neri
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Renato Borgna
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Manuelo Peppucci
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In this paper, an ultrasonic positioning system is presented and characterized, based on the usage of a portable grid of beacons and of a few fixed anchors. Since the beacon grid can be moved to guarantee line of sight transmissions, the proposed strategy is potentially suitable for accurate positioning of a mobile object in an environment with a complex geometry. The system was tested experimentally, exhibiting a sub-centimeter positioning accuracy in a range up to 4 m.