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An Ultra-Cheap Light Field Microscope for Volumetric Cellular Imaging
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  • Zhiyu Zheng ,
  • Yinzhe Wu ,
  • Amul Gurung ,
  • Xinyue Liu ,
  • Lai Yan Li ,
  • Haobo Zhu ,
  • Carmel Howe ,
  • Peter Quicke ,
  • Simon Schultz
Zhiyu Zheng
Imperial College London

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yinzhe Wu
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Amul Gurung
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Xinyue Liu
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Lai Yan Li
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Haobo Zhu
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Carmel Howe
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Peter Quicke
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Simon Schultz
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We present a novel light field microscope (LFM) hardware design which benefits from scaled productions of cameras and other optical components. Our design has dramatically lower cost (< GBP 2000) yet only slightly compromised performance. This novel LFM design enables transient volumetric imaging at a cellular resolution at a much lower cost.