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  • Dhrumil Gala
Dhrumil Gala
DJ Sanghavi College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This research focuses primarily on a new worldwide problem: the continuing corona virus disease outbreak [COVID-19]. The disease originated from China and slowly it got spread to different places in the world and started showing its true colors .Reportedly it was known to have caused from bats. While some symptoms are severe, for a big portion of the population, symptoms are minor, and as a result, people may be unaware that they are infected with COVID-19 and hence fail to visit and be diagnosed by a doctor[1].Thus this paper mainly focuses on detecting whether a person is suffering from this disease or not. I have made a web app which will take in your current physical attributes such as your body temperature and other physical attributes and the web app will predict whether you are suffering from this disease or not. I have used machine learning techniques such as linear regression to predict whether the person suffers from the disease or not. This web app has a great accuracy and it will predict the outcome with precision and thus is a very helpful app.