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Identifying Vehicle Model Parameters Using Remote Mounted Motion Sensor
  • Yoonjin Hwang
Yoonjin Hwang
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The recent developments on advanced driver assistance system(ADAS) have extended the capability of sensor systems from surrounding perception to motion estimation. The motion estima?tion provides tri-axial velocity and pose measurements, which open potential benefits for control and state estimation through sensor fusion with the vehicle dynamics model. In this paper we propose an identification method for the vehicle single track model parameters including the relative distance between the vehicle center of gravity and the motion sensor. A linearized tire force model and simplified single track vehicle model are constructed with the corresponding sensor kinematics model. We demonstrate the efficacy of iden?tification performance of the proposed method and confirm the feasibility of the usage of ADAS sensor in vehicle dynamics and vice versa