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Role of Artificial Intelligence for Development of Intelligent Business Systems
  • Nehul Singh ,
  • Satyendra Chouhan
Nehul Singh
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Satyendra Chouhan
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Artificial intelligence has proven a matching technology to support multiple business system applications. This technology has been in use to reshape current business models and to provide innovative management strategies. Growing business competition among major players is also strengthening its applications. The business information system with use of artificial intelligence raises the competitiveness of enterprises in the global market. The fast pace of merging artificial intelligence and automation are propelling strategists to revise business models and to explore new possibilities to meet the customer expectations. This paper focuses on the impact of artificial intelligence on business systems. The article also presents an overview of influential academic achievements and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and their solutions for entrepreneurial activities. In the end, we intend to discuss important points spurred around us in today's scenario about the challenges and future of artificial intelligence.