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A Dynamic Topology Construction Algorithm for Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Waltenegus Dargie
Waltenegus Dargie
Technische Universitaet Dresden

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Self-organizing protocols and algorithms require knowledge of the underlying topology of the network. The topology can be represented by a graph or an adjacency matrix. In most practical cases, establishing the topology prior to a deployment is not possible because the exact placement of nodes and the existence of a reliable link between any two individual nodes cannot guaranteed. Therefore, this task has to be carried out after deployment. If the network is stand-alone and certain aspects are fixed (such as the identity of the base station, the size of the network, etc.), the task is achievable. If, however, the network has to interact with other systems – such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or mobile robots – whose operation is affected by environmental factors, the task can be difficult to achieve. In this paper we propose a dynamic topology construction algorithm, assuming that the network is a part of a joint deployment and does not have a fixed based station.