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Expert Knowledge Correlated Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System in Heterogeneous IoT
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  • Nitish A ,
  • Prof.(Dr).Hanumanthapppa J ,
  • Shiva Prakash S.P ,
  • Kirill Krinkin ,
  • J. Hanumanthappa
Nitish A
University of Mysore, University of Mysore

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Prof.(Dr).Hanumanthapppa J
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Shiva Prakash S.P
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Kirill Krinkin
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J. Hanumanthappa
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The dynamic heterogeneous IoT contexts adversely affect the performance of learning-based network intrusion detection and prevention systems resulting in increased misclassification rates---necessitating an expert knowledge correlated evaluation framework. The proposed framework includes intrusion root cause analysis and a correlation model that can be generalized over any network intrusion dataset, corresponding expert knowledge, detection technique, and learning-based algorithm. The experimentations prove the robustness of the propounded framework on imbalanced datasets.