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Fuzzy logic approach for detecting drivers' drowsiness based on image processing and Video streaming
  • Jabar Yousif
Jabar Yousif
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The driver’s face is detected and extracted extra features of the eyes and mouth areas. Start the analysis process to determine the status of these parameters. Second, the Kalman filter method is used to track and manipulate the difference in the size and orientation of the captured features. The technique checks all image states such as brightness, shadows, and clarity. Third, the blur control system provides different alert sounds based on the information tracked from the face, eyes, and mouth. The proposed method uses real-time data recorded by a webcam tool in the MatlabR2016a environment. The data sample contains videos of different users of different races, whether they wear glasses, gender, and various lighting backgrounds. The proposed system achieved an accuracy of up to 94.5% in the detection driver status.