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Hiding Messages into Secure Connection Transmissions with Full-Duplex Receiver
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  • Hien Ta ,
  • Lap Luat Nguyen ,
  • Tien Tung Nguyen ,
  • Anthony Fiche ,
  • Roland Gautier
Lap Luat Nguyen
International University - Vietnam National University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Tien Tung Nguyen
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Anthony Fiche
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Roland Gautier
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This letter considers hiding messages into overt transmissions with a Full-Duplex receiver, which emits Artificial Noise to secure its transmission connection while a transmitter opportunistically sends a covert message to a covert user. The warden’s uncertainties of decoding the overt message and Artificial Noise received power are exploited to hide messages. Then, the covert throughput accompanied with the warden’s average detection error probability are determined. The results show that increasing the transmit power of Artificial Noise will improve the covert performance. The results also show that the covert performance is improved when the self-interference cancellation is improved at the Full-Duplex receiver or the warden is located close to the Full-Duplex receiver, indicating the positive impact of the overt performance on the covert performance.