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Interleaved Half-Bridge Submodules with Sensorless Leg Current Balancing in Modular Multilevel Converters
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  • Aleksandr Viatkin ,
  • Mattia Ricco ,
  • Riccardo Mandrioli ,
  • Tamas Kerekes ,
  • Remus Teodorescu ,
  • Gabriele Grandi
Aleksandr Viatkin
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Mattia Ricco
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Riccardo Mandrioli
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Tamas Kerekes
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Remus Teodorescu
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Gabriele Grandi
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A new state observer-based current balancing method for Modular Multilevel Converters with Interleaved half-bridge Sub-Modules (ISM-MMC) is presented in this paper. The developed observer allows estimating currents through interleaved half-bridge legs in each submodule of ISM-MMC basing only on arm current and submodule’s capacitor voltage measurements. Then, the interleaved current balancing control uses the estimated currents to reduce the interleaved currents imbalance caused by upstream control actions. This technique minimizes the number of required current sensors in ISM-MMC, thereby reducing the converter’s cost, weight, and volume. Capabilities of the proposed interleaved currents sensorless balancing control has been tested against standard parameter tolerances of the composing passive elements. The feasibility of the proposed method is verified by extensive simulation and experimental tests.