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GPT-Neo-CRV: Elevating Information Accuracy in GPT-Neo with Cross-Referential Validation
  • Xingyu Xiong,
  • Mingliang Zheng
Xingyu Xiong
Xiamen Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
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Mingliang Zheng
Xiamen Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper introduces GPT-Neo-CRV, a novel adaptation of the GPT-Neo 1.5B model, incorporating a Cross-Referential Validation (CRV) module to significantly enhance the accuracy and reliability of information generated by Large Language Models (LLMs). GPT-Neo-CRV addresses the critical challenge of misinformation in LLM outputs, a growing concern in fields where precision and reliability of information are crucial. Through rigorous testing against the BIG-bench categories, GPT-Neo-CRV demonstrated marked improvements in tasks requiring factual correctness and complex reasoning, surpassing the standard GPT-Neo model. This study delves into the implications of these advancements, potential limitations, and the ethical considerations inherent in integrating factual validation mechanisms into LLMs. It highlights the need for comprehensive, unbiased, and ethically curated validation sources and emphasizes the importance of ongoing research in enhancing LLMs' adaptability, scalability, and ethical integrity. The development of GPT-Neo-CRV represents a significant step forward in the AI field, contributing to a more informed and truthful digital landscape and setting new standards for future LLM developments.
30 Dec 2023Submitted to TechRxiv
08 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv