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A Mobile Semi-Autonomous Robot For Soil Sampling
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  • Vistasp Edulji ,
  • Sumedh Soman ,
  • Atharva Pradhan ,
  • Jay Shah
Vistasp Edulji
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sumedh Soman
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Atharva Pradhan
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For agrarian economies such as India, the quality of the soil is critical for maximized yield sustainable cultivation. When a large area is utilized, sample testing of soil is essential. The use of a robotic system for sampling is vital for saving time and replacing manual laborious work. This work represents a robotic system that was deployed for soil sample collection. A mechanical soil sampling and storage system based on augers and turntable storage is used in the system. Using a GPS-driven algorithm, the robot navigates autonomously to desired sampling locations. It collects data from the sampling area using sensors connected to an Arduino board. A proof-of-concept demonstrator proved that such a solution can be successfully scaled and deployed, which will aid in more efficient cultivation and sustainable agriculture.