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EM Scattering Center Model Guided Passive SAR Deception Using Diverse Frequency Time-modulation 
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  • Mengmeng Li,
  • Xinyu Fang,
  • Shaoran Wang,
  • Dazhi Ding,
  • Xia Ai,
  • Weidong Wang,
  • Jiaqi Liu
Mengmeng Li

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Xinyu Fang
Shaoran Wang
Dazhi Ding
Xia Ai
Weidong Wang
Jiaqi Liu


An electromagnetic (EM) metasurface is a passive device capable of manipulating the reflected signal of a radar in both spatial and frequency domains. This paper presents a novel analytical design of EM scattering center model guided passive synthetic aperture radar (SAR) deception based on diverse frequency time-modulation. The objective of this design is to disguise real target as an intended deceptive target and conceal its original EM characteristics. To achieve this, we first extract the scattering center model of an intended deceptive target and express its SAR image analytically. The SAR image is determined by the number, amplitude and position of scattering center. Subsequently, we derive the SAR image of a metasurface modulated on fast and slow time scales with diverse frequencies, establishing the relation between modulation parameters and the resulting SAR image properties. By comparing and aligning the SAR images between scattering center model and the modulated metasurface with predetermined similarity threshold, we successfully accomplish scattering center model guided SAR deception. The simulated results demonstrate that the SAR image similarities of both scattering center model and modulated metasurface exceed 0.9, indicating the effectiveness of this method as an electronic countermeasure.
28 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv