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Metal-Only 3D Reflectarray with Dual-Band Operation
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  • Mario Pérez-Escribano ,
  • Andrés Biedma-Pérez,
  • Ignacio Parellada-Serrano,
  • Ángel Palomares-Caballero,
  • Carlos Molero,
  • María García-Vigueras,
  • Pablo Padilla
Mario Pérez-Escribano

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Andrés Biedma-Pérez
Ignacio Parellada-Serrano
Ángel Palomares-Caballero
Carlos Molero
María García-Vigueras
Pablo Padilla


This paper presents a metal-only reflectarray based on a 3D unit cell with dual-band capability. The 3D unit cell is a square waveguide whose vertical walls include resonator elements with independent frequency performance. Different resonator geometries are analyzed to obtain a reflected phase variation in the target frequency band and to be feasible for 3-D manufacturing. C-shaped, triangle-shaped, and circle-shaped resonators are selected to obtain the required phase shift in reflection. Two reflectarray (RA) prototypes are designed, including pairs of these resonators where the C-shaped resonator controls the low-frequency band, and the circle and triangle resonators do so for the high-frequency band. The main reflected beam directions for each frequency band are different to show the independent phase tuning of the resonators. The prototypes are manufactured using stereolithography (SLA) with a subsequent silver coating. Measured results show realized gains of 21 dBi in the 18 GHz band and 24 dBi in the 26.5 GHz band, with a high radiation efficiency and good agreement with the simulated results.
25 Feb 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
27 Feb 2024Published in TechRxiv