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Career Development Activities for African Women, Students and Young Professionals in Geoscience and Remote Sensing
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  • Kassim Kalinaki,
  • Cletah Shoko,
  • Mary Immaculate Neh Fru,
  • Arioluwa Aribisala,
  • Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia,
  • Sunni Kanta Prasad Kushwaha
Kassim Kalinaki

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Cletah Shoko
Mary Immaculate Neh Fru
Arioluwa Aribisala
Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia
Sunni Kanta Prasad Kushwaha


Created to champion African women's involvement and leadership in geospatial careers, the Women in Africa (WiA) initiative was founded within the Inspire, Develop, Empower, and Advance (IDEA) committee of IEEE's Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). By spotlighting academic, governmental, and industrial career paths through webinars and networking opportunities, WiA promotes professional growth and motivates youth to explore geosciences. Their inaugural effort brought together historically underrepresented African women and young professionals across academia, government, and industry for Career Development Webinars.
02 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
02 Apr 2024Published in TechRxiv