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Enhancing Sales Team Performance through Real-Time, Personalized Insights Delivered via Email and Text Messages
  • Suresh Martha,
  • Lucy Swain
Suresh Martha

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Lucy Swain


In today’s fast-paced business environment, the abundance of data is both a boon and a challenge for companies. The sheer volume of information generated internally and acquired from vendors is immense, and technologies like Tableau have revolutionized data analytics and visualizations. However, the key to success lies in delivering the right information to the sales team promptly, enabling them to make informed decisions in real time. This article explores how harnessing Tableau subscriptions, user filters, and machine learning-driven recommendations can efficiently provide real-time, personalized insights directly to sales teams via email and phone. The goal is to transform the conventional approach, where end-users actively seek out information, into a proactive model where insights are delivered seamlessly, optimizing the efficiency of the sales team. The traditional paradigm often sees sales professionals spending valuable time searching for relevant insights instead of focusing on selling. By proactively delivering hidden trends and actionable insights, businesses can enhance the productivity of their sales teams, allowing them to allocate more time to revenue-generating activities. One of the key features of this approach is its emphasis on user-friendly tools like Tableau, demonstrating that Next Best Action can be seamlessly integrated within the Tableau ecosystem without the need for additional tools such as CRM systems. This not only streamlines the workflow for sales teams but also highlights the versatility and power of Tableau as an all-encompassing analytics platform. Furthermore, the solution presented in this article leverages the convenience of delivering insights directly to sales representatives through email and text messages. This eliminates the need for complex system logins, making the process more accessible and user-friendly. By providing insights directly to the fingertips of sales teams, this approach ensures that critical information is readily available, facilitating quick decision-making and boosting overall engagement.
20 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Apr 2024Published in TechRxiv