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Ultraviolet Fluorescence Imaging for Photovoltaic Module Metrology: Best Practices and Survey of Features Observed in Fielded Modules
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  • Dylan Colvin,
  • Andrew M Gabor,
  • William C Oltjen,
  • Philip J Knodle,
  • Ange Dominique Yao,
  • Brent A Thompson,
  • Nadia Khan,
  • Sina Lotfian,
  • Joseph Raby,
  • Albert Jojo,
  • Xuanji Yu,
  • Max Liggett,
  • Hubert P Seigneur,
  • Roger H French,
  • Laura S Bruckman,
  • Mengjie Li,
  • Kristopher O Davis
Dylan Colvin

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Andrew M Gabor
William C Oltjen
Philip J Knodle
Ange Dominique Yao
Brent A Thompson
Nadia Khan
Sina Lotfian
Joseph Raby
Albert Jojo
Xuanji Yu
Max Liggett
Hubert P Seigneur
Roger H French
Laura S Bruckman
Mengjie Li
Kristopher O Davis


As the photovoltaics (PV) industry grows in sophistication, so must the extent to which systems are characterized. UV Fluorescence (UVF) imaging is a valuable, easy-to-perform, high throughput, non-intrusive technique for characterizing modules in the field and in the lab. However, UVF is still a relatively new technique, and many in the PV industry are still unaware of its potential. We provide a guideline for obtaining, processing, and interpreting UVF images. We have provided a list of considerations for imaging hardware and settings, a suggested pipeline for image processing, and details on a survey of features shown in UVF images. A database with UVF images of 7,190 modules is provided in https://osf.io/t8x9k/. A database curated by BrightSpot Automation is available on https://brightspotautomation.com/publications/.
22 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Apr 2024Published in TechRxiv