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Line Waves at the Interface of Magneto-Electric Boundaries
  • Fariba Ahmadi
Fariba Ahmadi
Isfahan University of Technology


Line waves (LWs) are exceptional electromagnetic (EM) modes found at the junctions of impedance surfaces, satisfying either electromagnetic duality or the parity-time symmetry. To date, the implementation of LWs has been limited primarily to employing electric impedance surfaces. In our study, we unveil that a planar junction between an electric impedance surfaces, and a magnetic media sustains the LW exhibiting backscattering-immune transportation. The entirely magnetic media (\(\epsilon=1\), and \(\mu\neq 1\)) supports TE-polarized surface magnon polaritons while we tailor the electric surface impedance to support TM-polarized surface waves. Remarkably, the envisioned line-wave waveguide emerges as a pseudospin-filtered channel, facilitating a uni-dimensional wave generated through the synergistic interplay of two surface waves possessing perpendicular polarizations. Our theoretical findings, corroborated by simulations, unveil a new type of polaritonic wave characterized by remarkably confined properties. This discovery holds promise for manipulating light on the nanoscale, opening avenues for the implementation of magneto-electric pseudospin-polarized waveguide.

23 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Apr 2024Published in TechRxiv