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LMVD: A Large-Scale Multimodal Vlog Dataset for Depression Detection in the Wild
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  • Lang He,
  • Kai Chen,
  • Junnan Zhao,
  • Yimeng Wang,
  • Ercheng Pei,
  • Haifeng Chen,
  • Jiewei Jiang,
  • Shiqing Zhang,
  • Jie Zhang,
  • Zhongmin Wang,
  • Tao He,
  • Prayag Tiwari
Lang He

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Kai Chen
Junnan Zhao
Yimeng Wang
Ercheng Pei
Haifeng Chen
Jiewei Jiang
Shiqing Zhang
Jie Zhang
Zhongmin Wang
Tao He
Prayag Tiwari


Depression can significantly impact many aspects of an individual's life, including their personal and social functioning, academic and work performance, and overall quality of life. Many researchers within the field of affective computing are adopting deep learning technology to explore potential patterns related to the detection of depression. However, because of subjects' privacy protection concerns, that data in this area is still scarce, presenting a challenge for the deep discriminative models used in detecting depression. To navigate these obstacles, a large-scale multimodal vlog dataset (LMVD), for depression recognition in the wild is built. In LMVD, which has 1823 samples with 214 hours of the 1475 participants captured from four multimedia platforms (Sina Weibo, Bilibili, Tiktok, and YouTube). A novel architecture termed MDDformer to learn the non-verbal behaviors of individuals is proposed. Extensive validations are performed on the LMVD dataset, demonstrating superior performance for depression detection. We anticipate that the LMVD will contribute a valuable function to the depression detection community. The data and code will released at the link: https://github.com/helang818/LMVD/.
13 May 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
17 May 2024Published in TechRxiv