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A Predefined-Time Stability Control Method Based on Fuzzy Compensation for Euler-Lagrange Systems and Its Applications to Manipulators
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  • Anh Tuan Vo,
  • Thanh Nguyen Truong,
  • Hee-Jun Kang,
  • Ngoc Hoai An Nguyen
Anh Tuan Vo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Thanh Nguyen Truong
Hee-Jun Kang
Ngoc Hoai An Nguyen


This paper presents an approach to predefined-time terminal sliding mode control (PT-TSMC) for Euler-Lagrange systems (ELSs) with actuator control input saturation, leveraging fuzzy compensation techniques. Initially, the paper focuses on tunable predefined-time stability (PTS), providing adjustable parameters to fine-tune the system's stability time and thereby enhancing the adaptability of controller design. With this approach, the paper formulates a control input system that ensures PTS for such ELSs. Additionally, the paper proposes a strategy to enhance system performance, including robustness improvement, chattering reduction, and singularity elimination, through the design of an adaptive fuzzy logic system (AFLS). This AFLS estimates unstructured model uncertainty and compounded disturbances, seamlessly integrating them into the control system. Notably, this approach adeptly addresses the challenge of handling unknown model data. Finally, through comprehensive comparative simulations, the paper demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method, showcasing its commendable control performance.
14 May 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
20 May 2024Published in TechRxiv