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Overview of wearable light loggers: State-of-the-art and outlook
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  • Juliëtte van Duijnhoven,
  • Steffen Hartmeyer,
  • Altuğ Didikoğlu,
  • Oliver Stefani,
  • Kevin Houser,
  • Vineetha Kalavally,
  • Manuel Spitschan
Juliëtte van Duijnhoven
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Steffen Hartmeyer
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Altuğ Didikoğlu
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Oliver Stefani
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Kevin Houser
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Vineetha Kalavally
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Manuel Spitschan

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Wearable light loggers are becoming increasingly available for various applications. This study employed a survey design to systematically analyze wearable light loggers, focusing on their key characteristics and usability. A comprehensive survey instrument was developed through expert meetings and iterative discussions, encompassing categories such as general device properties, sensor characteristics, calibration methods, and application fields. Using manufacturer-provided information and publicly available sources, data were collected for 54 wearable light loggers, resulting in a detailed overview matrix. The analysis revealed insights into various aspects of these devices, including wearing positions, battery life, sensor technologies, calibration procedures, and application fields. Findings highlighted the diversity among wearable light loggers in design, functionality, and availability, emphasizing the importance of standardized practices and improved communication between researchers and manufacturers to enhance the reliability and usability of wearable light logging technologies in scientific research.
27 May 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
03 Jun 2024Published in TechRxiv