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A Lightweight PUF-based Secure Group Communication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks With Dynamic Group Membership
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  • Yue Zheng,
  • Harishma Boyapally,
  • Wenye Liu,
  • Chip-Hong Chang
Yue Zheng

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Harishma Boyapally
Wenye Liu
Chip-Hong Chang


Wireless sensor network (WSN) has found widespread applications in many domains such as smart home and healthcare systems. Group communication for WSN offers enhanced energy efficiency and reduced network overhead. However, existing group communication protocols encounter difficulties in managing the rekeying process efficiently for a dynamic group or require computationally expensive public key primitives for shared secret handshaking to overcome this challenge. Moreover, the security of most of the existing protocols rely primarily on safe keeping some secrets on the group members' devices. To overcome these limitations, we propose a novel physical unclonable function (PUF)-based lightweight secure group communication protocol. PUF enables lightweight key-less authentication for resource constrained IoT devices. The proposed protocol utilizes the device's PUF and the one-time pad (OTP) to eliminate secure key storage at both group verifier and prover nodes. The proposed protocol also supports efficient group key renewal for the admission and withdrawal of group members. We achieve this by using a full binary tree as a secret vault for sharing and updating distributed secrets with Chinese Reminder Theorem. Meantime, this data structure also reduces the computation and communication complexity for key renewal to O(log 2 N) at the cluster head and O(1) at the sensor nodes. A comparative analysis shows that the proposed protocol surpasses related protocols in terms of security features and overheads in computation, communication as well as secret storage requirements.
27 May 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
03 Jun 2024Published in TechRxiv