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A Framework for Integrating Artificial General Intelligence into Engineering Education: Enhancing Human-Centric Approaches for Industry 5.0
  • Trini S Balart,
  • Kristi J. Shryock
Trini S Balart
Kristi J. Shryock
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In this paper, we present an advanced conceptual framework for integrating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) into engineering education (Artificial General Intelligence Integration into Engineering Education (AGI2E2)). Our aim is to harmonize technical skills with intrinsic human qualities, such as creativity and ethical reasoning, essential for the Industry 5.0 landscape. This framework is based on comprehensive literature reviews and empirical data from student and faculty surveys, analyzed to assess AGI's potential to foster these human-centered qualities. Our proposal includes dynamic, interdisciplinary learning environments, personalized educational trajectories, continuous adaptation, and lifelong learning, addressing the ethical issues of AGI application. This framework not only advances engineering education to meet Industry 5.0 demands but also fosters holistic, human-centered learning experiences, preparing technically competent engineers equipped with vital interpersonal skills. This work builds upon previous research presented at a conference on integrating AI into engineering education.
03 Jun 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
07 Jun 2024Published in TechRxiv