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The output stage of an operational amplifier on GaAs n-channel field-effect and GaAs p-n-p bipolar transistors with nonlinear negative feedback
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  • Alexey Zhuk ,
  • Nikolay Prokopenko ,
  • Ilya Pakhomov ,
  • Alexey Titov
Alexey Zhuk
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Nikolay Prokopenko
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Ilya Pakhomov
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Alexey Titov
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A new circuit of the output stage of an operational amplifier implemented on GaAs n-channel field-effect transistors with a control p-n junction and GaAs bipolar p-n-p transistors is investigated. Its peculiarity consists in the presence of a nonlinear negative feedback that stabilizes the drain current of the output transistor with an n-channel at a negative input voltage. The basic equations for the static mode of the output stage are given. The results of modeling in the LTspice simulation software of 3 modifications of the proposed circuit solutions are discussed.