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A Data-driven Platform for Simulating Vehicular Fog Computing Environment
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  • Ozgur Umut Akgul ,
  • Wencan Mao ,
  • Byungjin Cho ,
  • Yu Xiao
Ozgur Umut Akgul
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Wencan Mao
Aalto University, Aalto University, Aalto University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Byungjin Cho
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Edge/fog computing is a key enabling technology in 5G and beyond for fulfilling the tight latency requirements of compute-intensive vehicular applications such as cooperative driving. Concerning the spatio-temporal variation in the vehicular traffic flows and the demand for edge computing capacity generated by connected vehicles, vehicular fog computing (VFC) has been proposed as a cost-efficient deployment model that complements stationary fog nodes with mobile ones carried by moving vehicles. Accessing the feasibility and the applicability of such hybrid topology, and further planning and managing the networking and computing resources at the edge, require deep understanding of the spatio-temporal variations in the demand and the supply of edge computing capacity as well as the trade-offs between achievable Quality-of-Services and potential deployment and operating costs. To meet such requirements, we propose in this paper an open platform for simulating the VFC environment and for evaluating the performance and cost efficiency of capacity planning and resource allocation strategies under diverse physical conditions and business strategies. Compared with the existing edge/fog computing simulators, our platform supports the mobility of fog nodes and provides a realistic modeling of vehicular networking with the 5G and beyond network in the urban environment. We demonstrate the functionality of the platform using city-scale VFC capacity planning as example. The simulation results provide insights on the feasibility of different deployment strategies from both technical and financial perspectives.
Sep 2023Published in IEEE Systems Journal volume 17 issue 3 on pages 5002-5013. 10.1109/JSYST.2023.3286329