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A Novel INDI based Guidance Law for Fixed Wing Aircrafts: Derivation and Application
  • Mengtang Li ,
  • Beichen Ding
Mengtang Li
Sun Yat-Sen University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Beichen Ding
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In this paper, we comprehensively present and derive two INDI principle based guidance laws for fixed wing aircrafts. More specifically, two control methods are mathematically derived in detail, where the first decouples the lateral and the longitudinal channels while the second takes the interactions into account. The cumbersome mathematical operations involved in the derivation process aim at reaching a more concise control method and also at providing the community with clearer physical concepts behind this formula. The reason for manipulating transformation matrices is to find a univariate function and to isolate the variable as a virtual input. Efficient and modular guidance control law is then permitted. Lastly, the proposed guidance methods are applied to a 6 dof nonlinear platform under various flight modes to demonstrate the feasibility and advantages.