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Non-Uniform, Curved, Expanded and Inclined Diffraction Pattern of 1D-Grating Experiments ---Rotating Grating Around Three Axes
  • hui peng
hui peng

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The orientation-dependence of the diffraction patterns of the 1D-grating experiments have been studied experimentally and theoretically. However, the experiments were limited to certain orientations, namely rotate the grating around two axes. We introduce the 3-axis-rotation apparatus, which can rotate the 1D-grating/2D-cross-grating, CW and CCW respectively, by 00-3600, around three axes independently and sequentially. By this apparatus, the orientation-dependence of the patterns of the 1D-grating is systematically studied. The experiments show the novel phenomena: when rotating the grating around three axes, not only the patterns are curved, expanded and inclined, but also the spacings between the adjacent orders of the patterns are non-uniform.