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FEM_2D: A Rust Package for 2D Finite Element Method Computations with Extensive Support for hp-refinement
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  • Jeremiah Corrado ,
  • Jake Harmon ,
  • Branislav Notaros ,
  • Milan M. Ilic
Jeremiah Corrado
Colorado State University, Colorado State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jake Harmon
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Branislav Notaros
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Milan M. Ilic
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FEM_2D is an open-source Finite Element Method library implemented in Rust. This MetaPaper describes some of the libraries basic functionality, as well as its unique contributions to the FEM research community. This package exhibits a powerful *hp*-refinement API with anisotropic refinements and no constraints on mesh irregularity. It also leverages Rust’s Trait-Based Genericism to provide straightforward application to many problem domains. This library has been featured in some recent research in Computational Electromagnetics (see references), depicting the validity of the underlying methodology. FEM_2D has been made available as an open-source library with the intention of providing additional explanatory value to the existing related research, as well as to facilitate the expansion of this research area
21 Apr 2023Published in Journal of Open Source Software volume 8 issue 84 on pages 4172. 10.21105/joss.04172