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Feedback exponential stabilization of stochastic quantum systems based on state space division
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  • Jie Wen ,
  • Fangmin Wang ,
  • Yuanhao Shi ,
  • Jianfang Jia ,
  • Jianchao Zeng
Jie Wen
North University of China

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fangmin Wang
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Yuanhao Shi
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Jianfang Jia
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Jianchao Zeng
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In this paper, the global exponential stabilization of two-level stochastic quantum systems is achieved by using measurement-based feedback strategies, including state feedback and noise-assisted feedback, and the state convergence rate is improved by dividing the state space. For both the combination of two continuous noise-assisted feedback and the combination of state feedback and noise-assisted feedback, the state space is divided based on the comparison of real-time state convergence rate under different measurement-based feedback strategies, respectively. The global exponential convergence and the effect of dividing state space in improving state convergence rate for two-level quantum systems are proved in theory and verified in numerical simulations.
Jun 2022Published in Results in Physics volume 37 on pages 105525. 10.1016/j.rinp.2022.105525