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Emerging Technologies for Next Generation Remote Health Care and Assisted Living
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  • Ijaz Ahmad ,
  • Zeeshan Asghar ,
  • Tanesh Kumar ,
  • Gaolei Li ,
  • Ahsan Manzoor ,
  • Konstantin Mikhaylov ,
  • Marko Höyhtyä ,
  • Jarmo Reponen ,
  • Jyrki Huusko ,
  • Erkki Harjula
Ijaz Ahmad
VTT Finland

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Zeeshan Asghar
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Tanesh Kumar
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Gaolei Li
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Ahsan Manzoor
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Konstantin Mikhaylov
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Marko Höyhtyä
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Jarmo Reponen
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Jyrki Huusko
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Erkki Harjula
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This article surveys the latest developments in the technological landscape that enables remote health care. First, the most important technologies that are crucial for remote health care such as 5G, medical IoT, big data analytics, machine learning, and distributed ledger technologies, etc., are outlined, and then a thorough survey on those technologies with latest state-of-the-art applications in remote health care is conducted. Furthermore, very important research challenges and future research directions are laid out to initiate further research on those very important technologies that enable remote health care.
2022Published in IEEE Access volume 10 on pages 56094-56132. 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3177278