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ULA Fitting for MIMO Radar
  • Wanlu Shi ,
  • Yingsong Li ,
  • Xiaoguang Liu
Wanlu Shi
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Yingsong Li
Anhui University, Anhui University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xiaoguang Liu
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Nowadays, sparse multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) radar design considers the difference coarray of the sum coarray (DCSC) concept and the uniform degrees of freedom is improved significantly. Current sparse MIMO arrays are designed based on transmit and receive arrays with hole-free difference coarrays (DCAs). Recently, the uniform linear array (ULA) fitting (UF) principle is proposed which aims to design sparse arrays (SAs) with desired capacity using cascaded ULAs. However, SAs designed via UF can not guarantee hole-free DCAs. In this letter, we aim to use SAs designed via UF to devise sparse MIMO arrays with low mutual coupling. Strategies of using SAs with non hole-free DCA to design sparse MIMO arrays is introduced as well. Numerical simulations verifies the good performance of the proposed sparse MIMO array in high coupling scenarios.
Sep 2022Published in IEEE Communications Letters volume 26 issue 9 on pages 2190-2194. 10.1109/LCOMM.2022.3182060