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An Emergency Message and Call System for People with Epilepsy
IIT Ropar

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People with epilepsy (PWE) always worry about mishaps that can happen to them due to seizure attacks if someone is not nearby. To overcome this, we have developed a novel alert system that can help caretakers to reach patients quickly. The system consists of cloud services that record the alert signal received from the user. Emergency call is triggered through a raspberry pi - GSM module interface. A mobile application was developed to save caretaker contacts and share location details while an epileptic patient sends out alarm signals. These location details are conveyed to caretakers as google map link and address through call and message. By using cloud services and an emergency call module that can be kept anywhere with undisturbed network connectivity, the epilepsy patients with the installed application can initiate alert services and send distress messages to all caretakers with minimal effort. The average delays for calls and message received at caretaker’s end from pushing the alarm signal are recorded as 13.6 and 8 seconds respectively.