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Compact Broadband Rectifier With Wide Input Power Range Based on Adaptive Input Power Distribution
  • Xin Liu ,
  • Yingsong Li ,
  • Dawei Zhang
Yingsong Li
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Dawei Zhang
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This paper presents a novel compact rectifier array with both broadband and wide input power range characteristics. The rectifier array consists of two rectifier units operating at lowpower and high-power levels, respectively, and an adaptive input power distribution network (AIPDN) enabling automatic distribution of radio frequency (RF) energy at different power levels. In addition, a matching inductance is introduced to counteract the capacitance of the diode. As a result, the high RFDC power conversion efficiency (PCE) is achieved in both broadband and wide input power range. For demonstration, a prototype of the presented rectifier array is fabricated and measured. The measured results are in good accordance with the simulated results. With an input power range of 8 – 25 dBm and a bandwidth of 1.82 – 2.75 GHz (fractional bandwidth of 40.7%), the PCE is greater than 50%. At 2.4 GHz, the input power ranges from -5.5 to 27.5 dBm with PCE greater than 50%. Besides, a peak PCE of 72.1% is obtained at an input power of 25 dBm. This work can lay the foundation for the development of a new RF energy harvest systems with wide frequency band and dynamic input power.