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NTN Mobile Communications
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  • Vedaprabhu Basavarajappa ,
  • Yue Gao ,
  • Zhinong Ying ,
  • Zhuoao Xu ,
  • Ryan Fernandez ,
  • Shu Feng Yao ,
  • Xiu Yin Zhang
Vedaprabhu Basavarajappa
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Zhinong Ying
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Zhuoao Xu
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Ryan Fernandez
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Shu Feng Yao
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Xiu Yin Zhang
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As a solution to the quest of compact antennas that occupy a wider bandwidth in the 5G NR FR2 bands while simultaneously providing dual-polarization and high port-to-port isolation, the paper presents an antenna that serves this purpose. The antenna is a multilayer structure with V slots provided in the bottom and top layer to accommodate the bandwidth of 5G NR FR2 from 26 GHz to 40 GHz. The bottom V slot is responsible for the lower resonance and a cavity supports the top V slot for the upper resonance. These two resonances can be controlled independently to provide multiple wide band operation. The 2x2 antenna has both vertical and horizontal polarization. The port-to-port isolation of the antenna is also better than 25 dB throughout the band. The antenna occupies a size of 13.8mm x 13.8mm making it relatively compact. It has been designed and simulated in CST Studio for performance and then has been fabricated. The simulated results agree well with the measurement results. The antenna can find potential application in the 5G NR FR2 28/38 GHz enabled user equipment such as 5G enabled cell phones and in applications of Terrestrial Networks (TN) and Non-Terrestrial (NTN) mobile networks.