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Study of Interactive Force between Two Permanent Magnets
  • Siqing Liu
Siqing Liu
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A quasi Coulomb Law is intended to connect the magnetic force between two magnets to its distance, magnetic flux intensity, and the facing area. Both the normal and tangential force are studied with special designed apparatus to measure the repulsive and attractive force between the two magnets. The former study is to establish the Coulomb connection of the magnetic forces and the latter study is for the purpose to evaluate the magneto-electrical torque of the brushless rim driven motor -- a significant application for the electric propulsion of next generation electrified aviation. The measurement results show that the relationship between magnetic force and distance is similar to Coulomb's electrostatic law, but the attractive magnetic force is larger than the repulsive force. The magnetic force is proportional to the integral of magnetic flux density with the areas of the magnetic pole.