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photoQR: A novel ID card with an encoded view
  • Enrique Canessa ,
  • Livio Tenze
Enrique Canessa
ICTP - The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Livio Tenze
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photoQR: A novel ID card with an encoded view
Livio Tenze, Enrique Canessa
There is an increasing interest in developing techniques to identify and assess data to allow an easy and continuous access to resources, services or places that require thorough ID control. Usually, in order to give access to these resources, different kinds of documents are mandatory. In order to avoid forgeries without the need of extra credentials, a new system –named photoQR, is here proposed. This system is based on a ID card having two objects: one person’s picture (pre-processed via blur and/or swirl techniques) and one QR code containing embedded data related to the picture. The idea is that the picture and the QR code can assess each other by a proper hash value in the QR. The QR without the picture cannot be assessed and vice versa. An open source prototype of the photoQR system has been implemented in Python and can be used both in offline and real-time environments, which effectively combines security concepts and image processing algorithms to obtain data assessment.