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Design and Analysis of 1
  • Abhishek Bansal
Abhishek Bansal

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This is the second part of two-part series where the novel hybrid design of 1.5 MVA 25kV traction powered by 415 kW solar grid, capable of fully supporting the entire load of the section of the Govt./DISCOM railway feeder has been presented. In this second Part-II, the per-unit system, zero sequence network diagram, controller design, fault calculations (L-L, L-G), idmt relay settings, safety measures and guaranteed scheme of relay trip coordination with 1.5 MVA 132kV/25kV State utility owned feeder and proposed 1.5 MVA 25kV feeder has been explained. The whole proposal is also simulated and the results are in the dataset. railway distribution feeder along with various compensators is explained. The whole proposal I have left r&d, so will not correct update or complete papers. The earlier version of two parts, which was able to get saved from computer crash is uploaded.