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Resilient Gateway-Based N-N Cross-Chain Asset Transfers
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  • André Augusto ,
  • Rafael Belchior ,
  • André Vasconcelos ,
  • Thomas Hardjono ,
  • Miguel Correia
André Augusto
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Rafael Belchior
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André Vasconcelos
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Thomas Hardjono
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Miguel Correia
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New applications and solutions are emerging as blockchain technology continues to prosper in different industries. However, blockchain systems are considered isolated silos, especially when it comes to interoperability on systems putting restrictions on handling private data.
We propose ODAP-AS, a resilient N-N cross-chain asset transfer protocol that enables the execution of N transfers of assets in permissioned environments, leveraging the concept of gateways. Gateways act as the devices through which a blockchain network can be accessed. We build our protocol on top of the Open Digital Asset Protocol (ODAP), and its crash recovery mechanism, ODAP-2PC, a crash fault-tolerant protocol.
ODAP-AS also defines how one gateway is replaced by a backup in case of a crash. We implement a cross-chain asset transfer across Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu using Hyperledger Cactus, which takes approximately 20 seconds. Additionally, we can conduct a sequential execution of ODAP-AS achieving 0.15 transactions/second throughput.