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Multi-Party Cross-Chain Asset Transfers
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  • André Augusto ,
  • Rafael Belchior ,
  • André Vasconcelos ,
  • Thomas Hardjono ,
  • Miguel Correia
André Augusto
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Rafael Belchior
Blockdaemon Ltd., Blockdaemon Ltd., Blockdaemon Ltd., Blockdaemon Ltd.

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André Vasconcelos
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Thomas Hardjono
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Miguel Correia
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With the growing interest in blockchain technology, researchers and developers in different industries are shifting their attention to creating interoperability mechanisms. Existing mechanisms usually encompass asset exchanges, asset transfers, and general data transfers. However, most of the solutions based on these mechanisms only work for two permissionless blockchains falling short in use cases requiring more complex business relationships. Also, contrary to existing legacy systems, there is little standardization for cross-chain communication. Here we present MP-SATP, a resilient multi-party asset transfer protocol built on top of the Secure Asset Transfer Protocol (SATP). Furthermore, we enhance SATP’s crash recovery mechanism that directly influences the reliability and performance of our solution. Using MP-SATP, we show how to perform N-to-N resilient asset transfers in permissioned environments by decoupling them into multiple 1-to-1 asset transfers. Our results demonstrate that the latency of the protocol is driven by the latency of the slowest 1-to-1 session; and how the usage of backup gateways avoid the overhead caused by rollbacks. Enterprise-grade environments such as supply-chain management systems can immediately leverage our solution to perform atomic multi-party asset transfers as shown by our use case.