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Machine learning Applications of Data Security and Privacy A Systemic Review
  • Rushit Dave
Rushit Dave
Minnesota State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With the present day trends in technology, greater and more human beings rely on their non-public devices to preserve their sensitive information. Concurrently, the environment in which these devices are linked have grown to develop to be higher dynamic and complex. This opens the communicate of if the modern authentication techniques being used in these devices are reliable adequate to hold these user’s files safe. This paper examines the wonderful purchaser authentication schemes proposed to make larger the safety of great devices. This article is wreck up into two one of a variety avenues discussing authentication schemes that use each be- havioral biometrics or bodily layer authentication. This survey will discuss about every the advantages and challenges that show up with the accuracy, usability, and widespread safety of computing machine getting to recognize techniques in these authentication systems. This article pursuits to beautify in addition look up in this challenge by means of exhibiting the extra than a few existing day authentication models, their schematics, and their results.