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Photon chamber --- Showing Particle Nature of Light in 2D-Grating Wave Experiments
  • hui peng
hui peng
private lab

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Young’s double slit experiments, which represent the mystery of quantum mechanics, have been described by wave theories such as the electromagnetic wave, quantum probability waves and pilot waves. Recently, the photon chamber has been proposed to detect the traces of the light beams in the 1D-grating diffraction experiments, namely to visualize the passage of the light beams.
In this article we apply the photon chamber to the 2D grating. The experiments show that the light beams behave as rays moving through the photon chamber. The existence of the light tracks indicates the particle nature of the light beams in the wave experiments. The challenge is to explain the fact that the light pass through the photon chamber, which may be placed anywhere between the grating and the detecting screen, as photons, while still distribute as waves on the detecting screen.