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Improved-Reliability Phase-Retrieval with Broadband Antenna Measurements
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  • Alexander Paulus ,
  • Josef Knapp ,
  • Jonas Kornprobst ,
  • Thomas F. Eibert
Alexander Paulus
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Josef Knapp
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Jonas Kornprobst
Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Munich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Thomas F. Eibert
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Conventional phaseless near-field measurement data is not adequate for reliable transformation into the far field. We tackle this challenge by a formulation working with multifrequency phaseless measurements under the assumption of coherently measured spectra. Such data is, for instance, obtained with a transmitting antenna under test and standard receivers featuring a nonzero coherent bandwidth. The focus of this work is on an advanced algorithm to demonstrate that this ansatz is very promising for further research and real-world investigations. Empirical studies based on simulation data demonstrate that appropriately merging this multi-frequency data significantly increases the chance of successful phaseless near-field far-field transformation. As a by-product, this multi-frequency phase retrieval method supports also the retrieval of the phase of farfield antenna measurements.