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A shift in norms of gravity and space-time encompassing the complex Newman-Penrose tetrads of general relativity incorporating the constraints of humanity related to extraterrestrials
  • Deep Bhattacharjee
Deep Bhattacharjee

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Without violating the 4 natural laws of physics viz. cosmic censorship hypothesis, chronology protection conjecture, special and general theory of relativity, a theory has been established in this paper which would allow the phenomena of explaining the UFOs seen from Earth, International Space Station, Aerial Aircraft in such a way that, mysteries can be solved on how those UFOs can come to Earth either by crossing Mega Parsec (10 6 *3.28 Light Years), Giga Parsec (10 9 *3.28 Light Years) or from the faraway future Earth. Emphasis has been given to mathematical models to solve these mysteries without violating the aforesaid models of physical laws. Time has been treated as a physical dimension parameterized by measurements like other 3 D’s. This model aims to reduce space and time using a completely new idea called “Temporal Choke Point” and its associated mathematics by completely relying on known fundamental theories but without violating them in any proper ways possible. And apart from that, a detailed analysis has been done on ‘gravity’ from the perspectives of string theories and thereby concluding some interesting Phenomenology happening at the micro perspective of the ”Temporal Choke Point ξ³ᴰ.