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Norwegian Endurance Athlete ECG Database
  • Bjørn-Jostein Singstad
Bjørn-Jostein Singstad
Simula Research Laboratory

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Athletes often have training-induced remodeling of the heart, and this can sometimes be seen as abnormal but non-pathological changes in the electrocardiogram. However, these changes can be confused with severe cardiovascular diseases that, in some cases, can cause cardiovascular death. Electrocardiogram data from athletes is therefore important to learn more about the difference between normal athletic remodeling and pathological remodeling of the heart. This work provides a dataset of electrocardiograms from 28 Norwegian elite endurance athletes. The electrocardiograms are standard 12-lead resting ECGs, recorded for 10 seconds while the athlete's lay supine on a bench. The electrocardiograms were then interpreted by an interpretation algorithm and by a trained cardiologist. The electrocardiogram waveform data and the interpretations were stored in Python Waveform Database format and made publicly available through PhysioNet. This is the first open dataset with electrocardiograms recorded from athletes. With the recent advances in artificial intelligence-based ECG interpretation, this might be an important contribution towards future interpretation models.
2022Published in IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology volume 3 on pages 162-166. 10.1109/OJEMB.2022.3214719