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Polynomial Approximation of Power System Eigenvalues for Fast Small Signal Stability Analysis
  • Farhad Khodaei
Farhad Khodaei
University of Bonab

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In power system dynamic analysis, computation of eigenvalues of state equations for various active dispatched powers is important. This concept provides a better understanding of the system dynamic behavior. In this paper, an approximate equation extraction technique is proposed for fast computation of real-part of the most critical eigenvalue of New England 39-bus power system. Simulation by using MATLAB PSAT toolbox is carried out as a source of the initial data for finding a proper approximate function and also its verification. As an application example, the obtained polynomial approximate function has been applied to small signal stability constrained optimal power flow by using GAMS optimization package. The obtained polynomial function can be used with various optimization criteria in the valid interval of the approximation. Also this polynomial function can be re-used when generation cost functions are changed, without need for a new dynamic analysis. All of the dynamic analyses by PSAT toolbox are performed by using automatic intermediate codes cooperating with functions and variables of the PSAT toolbox and handy registration of numbers is avoided.