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A Posteriori Error-Estimators for Induction Heating Processes Modelling
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  • Jesus Oswaldo Garcia Carrero ,
  • Jose Alves Zapata ,
  • Julien Barlier ,
  • François Bay
Jesus Oswaldo Garcia Carrero
Mines Paris - PSL University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jose Alves Zapata
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Julien Barlier
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François Bay
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This paper focuses on the development of error estimators for evaluating the accuracy of finite element computations of the electromagnetic phenomena for induction heating processes modelling. The ultimate goal of this work is to enable adaptive anisotropic remeshing in order to reach a prescribed accuracy. We first introduce a numerical model based on the quasi-steady state approximation of the Maxwell’s equations in a time-domain formalism. We then introduce an estimator based on a recovery method; its results will be compared with other estimators based on investigating how accurately some of the electromagnetic equations are checked. The estimators are then validated on analytical cases; an additional application to a complex case shows the robustness of our approach.