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Direct Method for Reconstructing the Radiating Part of a Planar Source from its Far-Fields
  • Gaobiao Xiao
Gaobiao Xiao
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A planar current is generally divided into a radiating part that generates propagation fields and a non-radiating part that generates evanescent fields. This paper proposes a direct method to reconstruct the radiating part of a planar source from its far fields based on their exact relationship. A standard reconstruction process is provided in which the far-fields are sampled at the peaks of each propagation mode. Analysis shows that the achievable reconstruction resolution of the source distribution is about half a wavelength. The paper also demonstrates that it is possible to reconstruct the source by sampling the far-fields on a plane or along a linear path. The performance of the reconstruction algorithm is illustrated with numerical examples.
22 Nov 2022Published in Electronics volume 11 issue 23 on pages 3852. 10.3390/electronics11233852